The Left has long used the courts to further policy issues it never could accomplish through legislation. Court rulings removing prayer and Christian symbols from schools and public areas are examples. The tactic of weaponizing the legal system against Christian values goes beyond these. You know the story of Jack Phillips, the CO baker accused of discrimination for declining to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. Though he finally won in the U.S. Supreme Court, the ink wasn’t dry on the decision when he was attacked again. Recently he was asked to bake a cake for a “gender transition celebration.” When Phillips refused, the would-be customer (an attorney) filed a complaint with the CO Civil Rights Commission. Predictably, the commission ruled that Phillips violated “civil rights” by refusing to bake the cake. He’s back in court challenging the ruling. Was Phillips approached because he’s the world’s greatest baker? No. He was attacked because the customer knew he would refuse, thus continuing the all-out assault on his principals. It’s not enough that people “accept” the Left’s world view. We also must embrace it and participate in it. Isn’t it time we restore America’s culture?