Why did the chair of the CA Democratic Party call for a boycott of the In-N-Out Burger chain? Because In-N-Out made a contribution to the state’s Republican Party. Apparently, if you don’t toe the Leftist line, you must pay the price in terms of economic sanctions that threaten to destroy your business. This is much like the cake incident in CO, where a transgender attorney filed a civil rights claim against a Christian baker because he declined to bake a cake for a “gender transition celebration.” What we see in these two events is the dangerous truth behind Leftist thinking. It’s not good enough that we “accept” their political, economic and social ideas. We must believe and participate in them. If not, you cannot participate in society. If you want to be on the outside of the “progressive” main stream, that’s fine, but you’ll starve there. Tyrants are notorious for scrubbing all opposition from society. Augustus did it. Hitler did it. So did Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro and all the rest. Socialism cannot exist in a world of free thought. Those who disagree and disobey must either be “re-educated” or simply purged. Isn’t it time we restore America’s culture?