Ironic, isn’t it?

The United Nations estimates that the caravan of Central American migrants on its way north has grown to about 7,000 people. Walking for thousands of miles from impoverished regions of Central America, they’re heading to that hated bastion of capitalism, the U.S. Why are so many people fleeing the utopia of socialism? Why are they running from the perfect society in which everybody is equal? More importantly, why are they headed to the one place in the world where socialism (until recently) has been expressly condemned as a failed experiment? Those few thousands of people, of the countless millions living under the blessings of socialism, probably didn’t get the memo, that socialism is a glorious system under which everybody is equally loved and cared for by the government. Even more ironic is why the growing number of U.S. socialists is not moving south en mass, to enjoy the bounties of socialism. With so many Central Americans running to the U.S., just think how many government benefits would be available to the U.S. socialists who replace them. One would think they’d jump at the chance. Isn't it time to restore our culture?