On March 22, 1775, Edmond Burke delivered what is considered the most famous speech given to British Parliament during the American Revolution. Burke implored the Crown to reconcile with America. He wanted peace, not through war and conquest, but “peace in the spirit of peace.” He argued that GB could not subdue the Colonists forever, and the Crown would have to repeatedly resort to force to keep them at heel. He gave numerous reasons to support his argument, chief among them the “temper and character” of the Colonists. Burke observed that the Americans embraced “a love of freedom that is the predominating feature” defining the entire people; that Americans were jealous of liberty and suspicious “of the least attempt to wrest it from them.” He argued that “This fierce spirit of liberty is stronger in the colonies probably than any other people of the earth.” My question is what happened to that fierce spirit of liberty? Rather than smelling “the approach of tyranny in every tainted wind,” we now call out to government to take our liberty—a gift of God secured by the blood of patriots. Why is a significant portion of our population willing to surrender its precious liberty? Isn’t it time we restore our culture?