Austin, TX has a city ordinance that purports to ensure that LGBT people are not discriminated against by employers. The law prohibits employers from discriminating against such people in the hiring process. There are no exceptions to the law or accommodations for employers who, for example, have sincerely held religious objections to homosexuality or transgender behavior. It doesn’t even exempt church hiring decisions on account of sexual orientation or gender identity. Under Austin’s law, a church could be forced to hire an openly homosexual person even if such behavior is contrary to the church’s professed religious beliefs. While the ordinance is now being challenged in court, the city has no intention of backing down. Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement that “Non-discrimination is a core value in Austin and we need to defend it.” My question, Mr. Mayor, is this: Is not religious freedom under the First Amendment a core value? Is not the right to freedom of association under the First Amendment likewise a core value? Why is it that the LGBT agenda must take precedent over, and in fact supplant the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment? Isn’t it time we restore our culture?