According to a Rasmussen poll published on Jan 16, in a hypothetical 2020 presidential race between President Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 40% of people would vote for Ocasio-Cortez. How is this possible? The freshman Congresswoman is a flaming Leftist. Her popularity is soaring as the Left embraces her radical socialist ideals. Her views resonate particularly with young people. Why? One reason is that America’s youth are largely uneducated. The Nation’s Report Card, produced by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, shows that of U.S. high school seniors, only 38% are proficient in reading, 27% are proficient in writing, 24% are proficient in civics, and astonishingly, just 12% are proficient in U.S. history. Too many of our young people can’t read or write. They know very little about our constitutional system of government. And they know even less about U.S. history. Is it any wonder they are enamored with the hollow promises and emotional appeal of socialism? They have no idea the horrors that socialism has brought upon the world, yet they want to bring it to America. Isn’t it time we restore our culture?