The NY legislature just passed the Reproductive Health Act, allowing for abortion on demand into the third trimester, even up birth. The law puts the power of life and death of the unborn child in the hands of the mother. The only difference between this law and ancient Rome’s infanticide practices is, under Roman law, the father controlled whether the child lived or died. Gov. Cuomo referred to the law as evidence of “progress.” Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It is a throwback to 2,000 years ago when cultures openly practiced infanticide. It’s a throwback to a time when human life, especially that of babies and children, had little or no value. True progress was achieved when Western culture recognized that life was the immediate gift of God. That life was to be protected, especially innocent life, especially helpless life. That the government of NY openly rejects the right of a fetus to live is also a throwback to a time when government alone wielded absolute and arbitrary power over life and death. This is not progress. It tears at the fabric of our national conscience. It rends asunder the plain language of the Declaration of Independence, which holds that governments are instituted to protect life, not permit the wholesale destruction thereof.