Polls show that 77% percent of all voters favor legislation mandating that babies born alive after surviving failed abortions be given the same medical treatment as babies born prematurely. The poll (https://www.sba-list.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/National-SBA-List-Slides-February.pdf) surveyed 1,000 likely general election voters. The results were nearly uniform across gender and political lines. 70% of Democrat voters and 86% of Republicans support the right to life of children born alive. Approximately 79% of men and 75% of women favor such protections. Despite this, every one of the Senate Democrats running for president voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. That bill would have required medical aid to be provided to a child born alive in connection with a failed abortion. Senate Democrats Cory Booker, NJ, Kirsten Gillibrand, NY, Kamala Harris, CA, Amy Klobuchar, MN, Elizabeth Warren, MA, and Bernie Sanders, VT, all voted against the basic right to life of a child born alive. How is that possible in nation that values life? The answer is that Democrat politicians clearly don’t value life and they’re way out of touch with their own constituency. So then, why do you vote for Democrats? Why vote for anybody who has no regard for basic constitutional principles, especially the inalienable right to life? Stop voting for Democrats!