Our Schools Are Spiritually Bankrupt   May 20, 2018 

  As we clamor for solutions to the unthinkable tragedy of school shootings, we must ask ourselves what is the culture of our schools that incubates such carnage? School shootings didn’t use to happen. Since 1963, both Bible reading and prayer have been scrubbed from public schools. With God removed from schools, why are we surprised that we have godless schools? How did this happen? In 1963, in Abington School District v. Schempp, the Supreme Court declared Bible reading unconstitutional because a historian (not a Bible scholar, psychologist or psychiatrist), declared that reading the New Testament “could be psychologically harmful” to a child. Apparently, the Court never stopped to think what psychological harm might be done to a child if he didn’t read the Bible. Now we see the fruit of that failed policy. The public schools are spiritually bankrupt and our children have no moral compass. We won’t solve the school shooting problem until we address the spiritual void that exists in the hearts of so many of our youth.