More Evidence of the Culture of Death  May 25, 2018

If there was any doubt America’s culture is in decline, this should settle the question. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just announced that the number of babies born in the U.S. hit a record low in 2017. Only 3.8 million babies were born in 2017, which is the lowest number of births in 30 years. The rate of just 60 births per 1,000 woman of child-bearing age (15 – 44) is the lowest rate since the government began tracking birth rates in 1909. Sociologists say that when the birth rate drops below two births per woman, a society cannot sustain itself. In 2016, America’s birth rate dropped below that number. Between abortions (60+ million since 1973), homosexual relationships, and the simple decision to not have children, our culture is in decline. The only reason America’s population is on the rise is because of immigration, and that comes chiefly from non-Christian nations. In my book Salt and Light, I point out that even Caesar Augustus knew that Rome’s culture could not be sustained if the people were killing themselves. America is embracing a culture of death. Given the recent evidence, the path may be irreversible.