America is on a Disastrous Collision Course   May 27, 2018

Between the economic realities of Leftist give-away programs and America’s embrace of a culture of death, we are facing potential catastrophic economic consequences. For example, Leftists continue to concoct government benefit programs they purport to fund with higher taxes. But only people pay taxes, and that’s the rub. America is not having babies. In 2017, the number of live births in the U.S. dropped to a 30-year low. “No big deal,” you say? Consider this: in 1940, after Social Security was in operation for about four years, there were 154 people paying into the system for every 1 person drawing benefits. By 1965, after Congress added medical benefits to the mix, there were just 4 people paying in for every person drawing out. As of 2013, the Social Security Trustees Report shows that just 2.8 people are paying in for every person drawing benefits. That is an unsustainable trend. There is no way benefits can be paid as promised if the population is dying. If you want a reason to stop killing unborn babies that does not involve moral or religious grounds, here’s one: we need them to pay Social Security taxes.