Imagine the Lawsuits!

Imagine the lawsuits!

One of President Obama’s chief domestic achievements was to order that all public schools, including primary schools, allow student access to bathrooms and showers based on “gender identity.” That is, a boy who “identifies” as a girl must be allowed to shower with girls in their locker room. Imagine the lawsuits! The policy is beginning to bear fruit. Chasco Middle School in Land O’ Lakes, FL is about to reap the whirlwind from the Obama policy. It seems a girl who calls herself a boy is allowed to use the boys’ locker room for showering (with the boys) and changing clothes (with the boys). Among other obvious problems, the PE teachers, the male students, and the parents of the male students were not notified. Moreover, when one male PE teacher protested, he was told that the female student had every right to use the locker room, and that the male teacher had to continue his duty to “observe and supervise” all students as usual or face disciplinary action. What do you think the chances are of the male teacher being sued in connection with “observing” the girl showing in the boys’ locker room? Isn’t it time we restore our culture?

It's not enough to "accept"

Why did the chair of the CA Democratic Party call for a boycott of the In-N-Out Burger chain? Because In-N-Out made a contribution to the state’s Republican Party. Apparently, if you don’t toe the Leftist line, you must pay the price in terms of economic sanctions that threaten to destroy your business. This is much like the cake incident in CO, where a transgender attorney filed a civil rights claim against a Christian baker because he declined to bake a cake for a “gender transition celebration.” What we see in these two events is the dangerous truth behind Leftist thinking. It’s not good enough that we “accept” their political, economic and social ideas. We must believe and participate in them. If not, you cannot participate in society. If you want to be on the outside of the “progressive” main stream, that’s fine, but you’ll starve there. Tyrants are notorious for scrubbing all opposition from society. Augustus did it. Hitler did it. So did Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro and all the rest. Socialism cannot exist in a world of free thought. Those who disagree and disobey must either be “re-educated” or simply purged. Isn’t it time we restore America’s culture?


Did Dr. Seuss write this?

Did Dr. Seuss write this?   August 15, 2018

The University of Minnesota is working on a policy to allow University members to specify their gender identity and to specify their preferred pronouns beyond male/female gender status and pronouns such as his/hers, and he/she. The policy is the work of various groups including the U’s Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life. (I didn’t make that up.) Suggested pronouns one might adopt include “None” and “Ze/Zir/Zirs.” The genders one can assume (there aren’t just two) include “Nonbinary,” “Genderqueer” and “Two spirit.” One’s gender is not limited to those on the list because another option is “Enter your own.” It seems the Queer and Trans Life group regularly studies Dr. Seuss’s ABC. This is where we meet a Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, the mysterious creature that lives in the forest.....

Since its gender is not specified, we probably can’t refer to it as Mr. or Miss.
Do we refer to it as Ze or Zizz?
Zirs or Zuzz? To get it wrong will cause quite a buzz.
Better to ask so as not to offend.
Thus, you are drawn in to the game of “let’s pretend.”

Isn’t it time we restore America’s culture?

Weaponizing the legal system

 The Left has long used the courts to further policy issues it never could accomplish through legislation. Court rulings removing prayer and Christian symbols from schools and public areas are examples. The tactic of weaponizing the legal system against Christian values goes beyond these. You know the story of Jack Phillips, the CO baker accused of discrimination for declining to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. Though he finally won in the U.S. Supreme Court, the ink wasn’t dry on the decision when he was attacked again. Recently he was asked to bake a cake for a “gender transition celebration.” When Phillips refused, the would-be customer (an attorney) filed a complaint with the CO Civil Rights Commission. Predictably, the commission ruled that Phillips violated “civil rights” by refusing to bake the cake. He’s back in court challenging the ruling. Was Phillips approached because he’s the world’s greatest baker? No. He was attacked because the customer knew he would refuse, thus continuing the all-out assault on his principals. It’s not enough that people “accept” the Left’s world view. We also must embrace it and participate in it. Isn’t it time we restore America’s culture? 

Why are Young Girls Killing Themselves?

Why are Young Girls Killing Themselves?     June 18, 2018

The CDC’s report that America is killing itself at a much faster rate than in the past is even more disturbing than the headlines indicate. The report shows that the suicide rate jumped 30% between 2000 and 2016. It is now the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for all Americans between the ages of 10 to 34. That’s bad enough. What’s even worse is that the self-inflicted death rate among females jumped by 50%, with much of the rise occurring in young teen girls. The suicide rate among young teen girls is now nearly triple what it was in 2000. We know that suicide is a result of profound mental health problems brought on by the emotional senses of being lost, worthless, hopeless, depressed, unwanted, unneeded, incapable, and guilt-ridden. But rather than address these profound mental health issues head on, we embrace them. For example, we believe that “gender dysphoria” should be treated as a medical issue requiring “sex reassignment surgery” and “puberty blockers,” rather than calling it what it is: mental illness. Quite clearly, the systemic process of normalizing mental illness does not help society, and it most certainly is not helping our young girls.