What is insanity?

Black’s Law Dictionary defines insanity as mental alienation or derangement manifested by “delusions, incapacity to reason or judge, or by uncontrollable impulses.” Case in point: The London Telegraph reports that sex ed classes in the UK will teach that “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods,” and that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders.” Given that, “menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children.” Can somebody tell me what these people are thinking? We have reached the point where the actions of the Leftist intelligentsia meet the legal definition of “insane.” Not only have they convinced children that there are more than two genders, now they are working to convince them that males have menstrual cycles. Since there is no evidence to support this, such a claim betrays a lack of capacity to reason or judge. It is delusional. It is the manifestation of one’s out-of-control feelings and emotional impulses. It is, by definition, insanity. Isn’t it time we restore our culture?

Austin’s non-discrimination law

Austin, TX has a city ordinance that purports to ensure that LGBT people are not discriminated against by employers. The law prohibits employers from discriminating against such people in the hiring process. There are no exceptions to the law or accommodations for employers who, for example, have sincerely held religious objections to homosexuality or transgender behavior. It doesn’t even exempt church hiring decisions on account of sexual orientation or gender identity. Under Austin’s law, a church could be forced to hire an openly homosexual person even if such behavior is contrary to the church’s professed religious beliefs. While the ordinance is now being challenged in court, the city has no intention of backing down. Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement that “Non-discrimination is a core value in Austin and we need to defend it.” My question, Mr. Mayor, is this: Is not religious freedom under the First Amendment a core value? Is not the right to freedom of association under the First Amendment likewise a core value? Why is it that the LGBT agenda must take precedent over, and in fact supplant the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment? Isn’t it time we restore our culture?

What happened to the “fierce spirit of liberty?”

On March 22, 1775, Edmond Burke delivered what is considered the most famous speech given to British Parliament during the American Revolution. Burke implored the Crown to reconcile with America. He wanted peace, not through war and conquest, but “peace in the spirit of peace.” He argued that GB could not subdue the Colonists forever, and the Crown would have to repeatedly resort to force to keep them at heel. He gave numerous reasons to support his argument, chief among them the “temper and character” of the Colonists. Burke observed that the Americans embraced “a love of freedom that is the predominating feature” defining the entire people; that Americans were jealous of liberty and suspicious “of the least attempt to wrest it from them.” He argued that “This fierce spirit of liberty is stronger in the colonies probably than any other people of the earth.” My question is what happened to that fierce spirit of liberty? Rather than smelling “the approach of tyranny in every tainted wind,” we now call out to government to take our liberty—a gift of God secured by the blood of patriots. Why is a significant portion of our population willing to surrender its precious liberty? Isn’t it time we restore our culture? 

Oh the ignorance!

You wonder why Americans are lining up to give their liberties to away government bureaucrats? It’s because they don’t know anything about them. A new poll from the University of PA Annenberg Public Policy Center reveals startling—and dangerous—facts regarding what little people know about our Constitution. You wonder why, for example, there’s such broad misunderstanding surrounding the First Amendment? According to the poll, 37% (more than one of every three people) cannot name a single right protected by the First Amendment. It protects five separate rights but a staggering percentage of people can’t identify a single one. Moreover, only 26% can name all three branches of government, and 33% can’t name even one. If people have no idea what the three branches of government are, how can you expect them to understand the doctrine of separation of powers? There’s no chance, and yet, the separation of powers was perhaps the single most important concept driving the thinking of the Founders, to ensure that the powers of government could not be centralized in the hands of an aristocratic few, or a despotic one. This is a sad testimony to the profound failure of government schools. Isn’t it time we restore our culture?

Ron Linder endorses Salt and Light!

Here I am with fishing legend Ron Linder, Minnesota native and inductee into the U.S. Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Ron appeared with me at the Fishing for Life Fall Retreat at Big Sandy Lake in northern MN in Sept. He read my book, Salt and Light, and loved it. He told me that when he first picked up the book, he didn’t realize how the life of a tax litigator and professional fisherman could have so much in common. But after reading it, he explained that he had many of the same experiences I talk about in the book. I am proud to say that Ron “highly recommends” Salt and Light because of the “examples of how we can be effective witnesses for Jesus in today’s collapsing culture.”