In his Farewell Address to the Nation, George Washington stated that religion and morality are two indispensable supports to good government and a peaceful society. Washington referred to them as “great pillars of human happiness.” He stated that no one could be called a patriot “who should labor to subvert them.” 

But look around. In all our institutions—educational, governments at all levels, our courts, and the media—such things are criticized. Christians are marginalized. We are called weak, stupid, uneducated, bigoted, intolerant—and worse. Christians are told to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves. God has been scrubbed from our schools, our playgrounds, the workplace, the halls of justice and government councils. As a result… 

Liberty has faded along with our Christian identity

Secularists spent decades scrubbing America’s Christian identity out of her culture. They successfully removed prayer and Bible reading from our public schools and institutions. They removed the Ten Commandants from our courts and councils. They even managed to eviscerate the truth of our Christian history. The fruit of their labor is that our cities—overcome with drugs, crime and violence—are burning.

Our schools are spiritually bankrupt

With God removed from schools, why are we surprised that we have godless schools? Why are we surprised that our kids are dying from drug abuse, suicide, and violence at the hands of other kids? As we clamor for solutions to the unthinkable tragedy of school shootings, we must ask ourselves, what is the culture within our schools that incubates such carnage? School shootings didn’t use to happen. 

America is Embracing a Culture of Death

Let’s come face-to-face with the reality that America is embracing a culture of death. Our youth are not taught to respect life. Rather, they are taught that life is a “choice;” that they can simply sweep it away if it is somehow unwanted or inconvenient. What will it take to recognize that then you remove God from society, you get a godless society? 

I wrote Salt and Light because I am deeply concerned about the kind of America in which my grandchildren will grow up. Will they enjoy the blessings of liberty and the opportunity for prosperity that accompany a society built on God’s social order? Or will they live under the oppression and tyranny of a statist government that inevitably and invariably grows from social chaos? 

We still have a choice. We can live under the world’s system violence and death, or we can live under God’s system of peace and life. Deuteronomy 30:15 says, “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.” Which will you chose? In Deuteronomy 30:19 God says, “Now choose life…”

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